LaTex in wordpress blog post.

This is  a test of \LaTeX

You see, it worked! No plugin to install, no setting to configure, it just worked right away. So now you know \LaTeX does work in wordpress blogs. To learn more about the use of LaTeX in wordpress visit their official FAQ page about \LaTeX.

To see this feature in more action or to be sure this LaTex engine works in more complex cases, lets try one scary looking equation I collected from wiki: \mathcal{L}_\mathrm{H} =   \left|\left(\partial_\mu + {i\over2} \left( g'Y_\mathrm{W}B_\mu  +g\vec\tau\vec W_\mu \right)\right)\varphi\right|^2 \ -   \ {\lambda^2\over4}\left(\varphi^\dagger\varphi-v^2\right)^2
Which is generated by the following even more scary looking latex code:

$latex \mathcal{L}_\mathrm{H} = 
\left|\left(\partial_\mu + {i\over2} \left( g'Y_\mathrm{W}B_\mu
+g\vec\tau\vec W_\mu \right)\right)\varphi\right|^2 \ - 
\ {\lambda^2\over4}\left(\varphi^\dagger\varphi-v^2\right)^2$

By looking at the above code you might start to think, “Ah! yes, wordpress is supporting \LaTeX alright but it is not something that I will use, because it seem like I have to learn some complex syntax of LaTex and a lot of keywords to do something useful with it…”

Hmm! that’s partially true, because in the age of information technology you should already know that 99.99 percent problems/questions you will ever face/ask has a solution or has already been answered 😐 In our current case we have a free LaTex online editor. This will help you to generate LaTex codes (in WYSIWYG manner).

So without bragging more, I wish you happy math blogging and thanks to wordpress and codecogs for their great tools. 🙂

P.S. You may never need it but for the sake of having a reference you can download this almost complete list of available symbols and their codes.